BEL 1001

Brown Electronic Labs

Class A Amplifier

Great Condition!



This is a very clean example of one of the best sounding amplifiers ever made. While it's not a powerhouse amp (50 watts X 2), if your speakers are reasonably efficient, this will create realistic listening levels in average sized rooms. The amp is bridgeable to 200 watts X 1, so if you already have one of these, 2 of them would make a great monoblock setup.

There were 5 different versions of this model produced and there seems to be some question as to which version this one actually is. I am selling this for a customer (not the original owner) who purchased it from JB Audiopimp a few years ago. It was presented as a MKIV version with an original cost of around $3000-3500 and purchased for around $1300 (used). Although this does not appear to be a MKIV version, it's possible that it was upgraded at some time by Mr. Brown. Unfortunately, there is very little info on the WWW about this amp (other than great reviews) and Mr. Brown has passed away. So I have no way of verifying that this amp has been upgraded to anything newer than the original version. I have provided several pics of the internals of the amp. If you are knowledgeable about these and can determine which version this amp actually is, please contact me and let me know.

The original box is gone, but I can pack it well for safe shipping.

There is a lot of reviews on the web about this amp.