Vacuum Tube Logic

DeLuxe 600 Monoblock Amplifiers

600 Watts each

$4500.00 for the pair


These amps are in very good condition and have enough clean power to drive any speaker system to satisfying, concert hall sound levels. Each amplifier uses twelve (12) 6550 tubes in the output stage.

They are some of the most powerful tube amplifiers ever made. Yet, they still reproduce music with great detail.

The original shipping crates are gone, but I can pack them well in a custom crate for safe shipping.

The chrome is in good condition and they have very few cosmetic flaws. One of the fuse holders on the back of one of the amps has a broken plastic piece, but it doesn't effect the performance of the amp. One of the pilot lights is out on the top portion of one of the amps.

The tube set that is installed in these is not matched. There are at least 2 different brands of 6550 tubes in each amp. All of the tubes are strong ... but not matched.

These were $10,000 new and still look and perform very nicely.

That's a lot of tubes!!!

The fuse holder on the left has a piece of the plastic body broken off.

This doesn't have any effect on the performance.

This is a picture of the amps in my system driving Magnepan MG-Ic speakers.