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Klipsch Klipschorn Speakers

Walnut Finish

Unknown Vintage

Fair Condition

$ SOLD $

I'm not sure exactly what I have here. The cabinets do not appear to have been manufactured by Klipsch, although they are well made. One of the cabinets has the usual access panel for the woofer compartment ... the other one does not. The whole side panel would have to be removed to access the woofer ... so I cannot verify what woofer is in that cabinet. The one with the access panel has a 15WK woofer which was used by Klipsch from about 1950-1961. Both squawker drivers are K55V and both tweeters are K77 with the round magnets (new diaphragms in both). Both crossovers are "A" models and are not upgraded. This a chance to get some decent looking K-horns for a bargain price. These came in with a matching Cornwall (single) used as a center channel. Again, I can't verify the cabinet as being made by Klipsch, but it is well made and looks like Klipsch on the inside. The horns are oriented vertically. Buy all 3 for a discounted price.