Linn LP12 Turntable

With Ittok LVII Tonearm

Re-Capped Valhalla Power Supply

Koetsu Black Goldline MC Cartridge

Very Good Condition

Original Box and Packing

$ SOLD $

This table is in great condition and is working perfectly. The stylus on the Koetsu cartridge looks to be in great shape through a 15X magnifier. Serial number is 058812 and was made in 1985. The dustcover has only minor scratches The original owner was using it with an older Mark Levinson Preamp, so it has CAMAC coneectors on the tonearm leads. I have CAMAC to RCA adapters to include with it to make a bit more universal You may notice in the power supply pictures that the red and blue wires from the motor are reversed ... this has been corrected.

Take a look at the many pictures posted below.