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JBL Metregon

All Original

Walnut Veneer Cabinet

D-130A Woofers

275 HF Drivers

H5040 Curved Horns

N600 Dividing Networks

Very Good Condition

(Accepting Reasonable Offers)


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This is a classic JBL product from around 1959. It has been well preserved and has all of the original speaker/crossover components. The original wax seals are still present on the 275 driver screws and the D-130A woofers appear to have the original cones. Sound is very clear and there are no unwanted noises (buzzes, rattles, etc). I believe that the cabinet was never opened until I took the pictures.

I have included a lot of detailed pics that show the overall good condition of the cabinetry as well as the minor flaws that are consistent with a piece that is 50 years old. Before the unit is sold, there will be some attempts made to improve some of the cosmetic flaws in the wood veneer. It will not be perfect, but it should be somewhat better than what is depicted in the photos.

The dimensions are 73 11/16" wide X 30" tall X 22 1/2" deep (from center of curved panel.

Information from the JBL website can be viewed here.

And here.

This large and heavy so local pickup is preferred. I can also crate and ship the speaker system at the buyer's expense. I have much experience at worldwide shipping of large speakers, so you can be sure that it will arrive in the condition you see in the pics. Flash photography tends to accentuate even the slightest flaws. None of the flaws look as pronounced in person as they do in the photos.

E-mail me with any questions and I will do my best to answer them.

Chip on left rear vertical edge & paint smudge on left rear leg.

Light scuffs on top surface (left side).

Small dent and chip on left top edge.

Veneer chip at lower right corner.

Slight scratches on top of curved piece right of center.

2 tiny chips on curved top near right speaker face.

Top left scuffs (from a different angle).

Very slight scuff on top near the right end of the curved front.

Chips on right top corner.

Light scuff on top of curved front near center.