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Vintage Pioneer Silver-Face Rack System

All Mounted In A Pioneer JA-2 Rack

SA-9900 Integrated Amp

RT-909 Reel-To-Reel

SG-9500 EQ

TX-9500II Tuner

PL-51A Turntable

HPM-150 Speakers

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This is a super nice Pioneer Silver Face system with all components in excellent cosmetic condition and 100% working. The top shelf of the JA-2 rack was just re-veneered and looks great. It was also repainted in a color that is very close to the original color. All of the rollers on the bottom of the rack operate smoothly.

The SA-9900 Integrated Amp is the brains of the system and puts out 110 watts per channel. Not as much power as a SPEC amp, but more than enough to drive the HPM-150's to realistic listening levels. All controls have recently been cleaned and all controls operate smoothly. The original box and manual is included. Click here for more pics of the SA-9900

The TX-9500II Tuner handles the AM/FM duties nicely. All lighting is functional and it brings in the stations well with little noise. The original box and manual is included. Click here for more pics of the TX-9500II.

Reel-To-Reel tapes can be enjoyed on the Auto-Reverse RT-909 Tape Deck. It is also in excellent condition and 100% functional. The deck has been lubed, serviced and a new belt installed. Pioneer hub adapters and the 2 metal reels pictured are included in the sale. Click here for more pics of the RT-909.

The PL-51A Turntable provides vinyl reproduction capabilities to the system and operates flawlessly. Pitch controls allow fine speed adjustment and all controls have been recently cleaned for smooth adjustment. It is a direct drive platter and operation is manual. Click here for more pics of the PL-51A turntable.

The SG-9500 Graphic Equalizer provides versatile tone control to the system for fine-tuning the sound to your personal taste. All controls have been cleaned and it operates flawlessly. Click here for more pics of the SG-9500 EQ.

The HPM-150 Speakers deliver the sounds produced by this system to your ears with remarkable clarity. Whether it's classical, thrash metal or anything in between, these speakers do it all very well. Of all the pieces in this system, these have the most cosmetic flaws. There is one HPM-150 badge missing. Both tweeter dust caps are dented in. Both 15" woofers have been re-coned at some point in their life. We replaced the grill cloth on the front grills, but the cloth on the tops that cover the Super Tweeters are still original (and in good condition). The bases of the speaker cabinets have some veneer missing. Black paint will be used to cover these spots and the flaws will almost disappear. Overall, they are still very presentable. Click here for more pics of the HPM-150 speakers.

The SA-9900, SG-9500 and TX-9500II are each installed behind a JA-R101 Rack Mount Shelf.

My indoor photography skills/lighting are a bit lacking, so I also included lots of pics of the equipment outdoors in daylight.