HPA3 3-Channel Power Amp

9/10+ Condition

UPDATE: After close inspection, I found a very, very small scratch on the top of the case near the cooling fins on the left side of the amp. The scratch has been touched up and is only enough of a flaw to warrant a 9/10 rating. Every other aspect of the amp is flawless. New pics have been uploaded to indicate the newly found scratch.

250 watts per channel

All the amp you will ever need for your front 3 speakers in your home theater.

Not much point in me trying to give you the specs of this piece. See all the details for this beautiful Home Theater power amp at the Proceed website.

$2400.00 ... just a fraction of the new cost!


This is the scratch tha was touched up.

And another angle of the scratch. The 4 photos below were taken after the touch up.