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Thorens TD126 Mk II

Belt Drive Turntable

With Infinity Black Widow Tonearm

$ SOLD $

The table is a bit rough, but it is black so it can be cosmetically improved with very little effort (I would rather have the new owner choose the method of repair rather than doing something myself). The dust cover is cracked in 3 places and is stricly a functional piece with no redeeming cosmetic value. The right hinge cover is missing.

The Infinity Black Widow arm is in great condition and is worth more than half of the asking price for the table. It is "plug-and-play" with a Pickering MM cartridge.

The strobe window looks a bit distorted (for lack of a better term) when viewing the strobe. The speeds (33, 45 & 78) are accurate and the pitch control operates smoothly.

Overall, it's a great performer at it's price point.

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