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Wilson Audio

Watt/Puppy 6

Mercedes Silver

6/10 Condition

$ SOLD $

Good News And Bad News

First the bad news. There are several small chips in the paint on the Puppies. The foam diffraction pads on all 4 units are badly deteriorated. Since the grills are designed to attach to the pads, the grills cannot be used without either replacing the pads or engineering some other method of attaching them to the cabinets. I do not have the original crates for packing. One of the #1 Alignment Spikes is missing.

The good news is that all 4 woofers were recently refoamed using the correct foam surrounds and they sound awesome. The finish on the Watt's is perfect. The replacement diffraction pads can be bought from Wilson for $500. Puppy Paws are included.

I have taken lots of pics of all surfaces of all speakers. Most of the finish flaws are quite small. In a dimly lit room they are really not very noticeable.

Here's a few links to professional reviews of the W/P6 speakers:

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