Yamaha & JBL 5.1 Channel System

HTR-5450 Receiver

S-312 Tower Speakers

S-Center Speaker

N24 Rear Speakers

PB-10 Powered 10" Subwoofer

This system will absolutely blow away the little HTIB (home theater in a box) systems in the big box stores! And for about the same price!

Condition is very good all the way around.

The system is centered around the Yamaha HTR-5450 5.1 channel receiver (remote included). The ALL JBL speaker system sounds incredible on both movies and music.

Buy the whole system for just $475.00!


Individual Prices

* Yamaha HTR-5450 ... $110.00

* JBL S-312 ........ $250.00/pair

* JBL S-Center ...... $100.00

* JBL N24 Rear Speakers w/wall mounts ... $50.00/pair

* JBL PB-10 Powered 10" Subwoofer ... $100.00