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Customer Comments

We have met some really great people while operating this little business and really appreciate some of the nice comments that we have received from them. I try to treat people fairly and in a way that I would like to be treated myself. Read some of the nice things that people say about us and feel confident in dealing with Sounds Good To Me!

Thank you for being highly instrumental in helping me find a pair of VOTT series vintage Heathkit Altecs thusly ending my 15 year search. Your assistance in helping me find reasonable, fast shipping with Yellow Freight and expert crating made these better than described speakers arrive unscathed.
I estimate that I saved a good 35% over what I would have paid on ebay for probably less speaker. I have enjoyed sharing my experience with my audiophile friends here on base here in Yuma and look forward to seeing them also do business with you.
Hello Gary,
Thanks a million, what a beautiful housing for my Audio Research! And everything ok with the package great job ! We also had a lot of fun reading the newspapers you packed it in. Incredible all the way from the US in only a few day's and without damage, I AM A HAPPY GUY.
The turntable has arrived (a week or so ago) in incredible shape. I’m very happy with every aspect of the transaction and I thank you!
I picked them up today and brought them home. I am *very very* impressed with your packaging job - world class. My buddy at the shop was equally impressed. I have full intentions on recommending you to some of my audio friends!
Thanks again
I am very happy with the Carver C4000. It is in better shape than I imagine and the packing was superb. Thanks for a smooth transaction.
I just got them. Very well packed, thank whomever did that. I had forgotten how mind blowing these speakers were 20 years ago when I heard them.
Gary . . .
I received the turntable. Very professional packing! I hooked up and it sounds great.
Thank you!
The SL-10 was delivered today. It is playing now and sounds great. It appears to be working perfectly, very sweet machine. I have purchased a lot of hi fi gear online and you are one of the best packers. I am incredibly happy with this transaction. I will leave positive feedback on eBay as soon as figure it out.
Hey man I got the hartleys today ... wow ... great packing and great speakers .... sound awesome just like my other pair .... like cold sweet watermelon on a hot August day.
Thanks Gary
I received my CD player today. It arrived completely intact. All the hype and rave reviews are warranted. It sounds wonderful! Fortunately I work out of my home, so I can enjoy listening all day long. I sort of feel like a kid in a candy store wondering what to listen to next. Thanks for the quick ship, and smooth transaction.
Got the sub yesterday and have set it up and it sounds great – thank you!
And thanks for packing it well. I think the cardboard weighed a ton.
Hi Gary,
The tuner arrived this morning. All I can say is Wow! On so many levels. Not only does the tuner sound great, but the packing was incredible! Thanks again.
I just got the Cantons hooked up…and they are GREAT. Thank you for the time you took in packing them and getting them to me. I am very pleased.
Thanks again
They arrived safe and sound, better condition than I expected. If you need a reference for a mail order deal gone well, you can use me.
Thanks for the good transaction
Dear Gary;
This is to tell you how pleasant it has been to buy my vintage Teac x2000r tape deck from you. Previously, I've had the misfortune to buy some older audio equipment through ebay and have had nothing but problems with everything I've purchased. When you buy from someone anxious to sell a product like audio equipment on ebay, you are really taking a chance. You are knowledgeable, and you were honest with me and extremely easy to deal with. Now I have a tape deck that works exactly as you said it would. And I knew I was dealing with someone who would take it back within a reasonable amount of time if it hadn't met with my expectations. And in additon, you returned phone calls, and was always very nice to talk to.
Wonderful, Gary
I'm more than happy, it arrived in great condition, very well packed, and everything it is in order.
The speakers arrived in great shape and they look and sound wonderful! Thank you for all of your efforts.
Everything is A OK. You are an honest gentleman in taking the trouble to refund a few dollars for shipping. The turntable works fine and that cartridge sounds pretty good, too. Everything was EXACTLY as you represented it. I'm a record producer and really into good audio as well and I've been listening to alot of vinyl in the last couple of months. That's how it came up to look for another SL-10. I already have one ...I got this one for a friend and he really appreciates getting it in the original box with the manual, etc.
Oh trust me, it's a lot more than ok. I was too busy listening to it yesterday to write an email. I hooked it up to a pair of old avid model 60s that I picked up and I can't get enough of it. All the lights are working and the tuner is picking up stations fine. Thanks so much!
It arrived in perfect state. Thanks for the good care you have taken to ship my purchase as protected as possible. I am going to try it out but by now already my kids love this "thing" the most of all. (The lights! as you will understand.)
Hi Gary,
I got the amp today and its working nicely. Thank you so much.
The speakers arrived today they were packed better than I expected, everything is perfect. They sound excellent.
Thanks, everything is fine, and that was the best packing job ever.
The speakers arrived yesterday, They are all that you said they were and more. Thanks again for giving me the chance to enjoy them... again.
Packages arrived today. All pieces appear to be in excellent condition. I've been collecting Marantz for 20+ years and it's always nice to see units which have survived so many years in such good condition. Pleasure doing business with you.
Very Nicely packaged and unit was in excellent condition. Using headphones until my speakers arrive. Thanks!
The table arrived yesterday. Thank you for packing it very well. I can't imagine Thorens doing a better job of packing it .... the table is in great condition. Thanks again.
Thank you very much for the awesome equipment, my oldest son lost it when he saw the speakers.
The amp arrived today. Thank you for excellent packing. Looks to be in fine shape ... the amp works great! I wanted you to know.
Got the package of speakers yesterday. Everything arrived in great shape, excellent packaging job. This is just what I was looking for. Thanks again
Hi Gary,
Got home today and found Sony receiver on my porch.Thanks for the good job of packing. It made the trip safely and as you said it is a fine looking vintage receiver.I set it up and it sounds great.It's been a long time since I've had a real stereo receiver.I sure I will get a lot of enjoyment from this Sony.Thanks again, look forward to checking your web site and doing business again.
The speakers are in excellent shape. Very professional. thank you
Thanks Gary.
The items arrived today, and I must say they are in incredible condition for 40 year old pieces. Thank you for packing them very well.
I got the package yesterday in perfect shape. Thanks for packing with care. Both items are as stated. Even with the amp cover having those marks on it, you don't see it in my audio rack. And the amp sounds great, like you said. Thanks again!
I got the speaker yesterday. It was in perfect shape and is already in place working with my one remaining A25. It sounds great! Thanks a million.
I received the model 12 and it was in way better condition than I expected . It also sounds great as well . Thanks for arranging the freight . Very happy . Thanks


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