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Stereo Repair

While we don't perform repairs on electronics ourselves (I wish we could), I have been using the services of Tom Tran at Save On Sound here in Houston for years with very satisfactory results. Tom has many years of experience working on everything audio related. Whether it's an old console stereo that needs a little attention or the most esoteric of high end audio gear from names like VTL, Granite Audio, Mark Levinson, EAD, Krell, McIntosh, Audio Research, Cary or any brand, Tom can provide repair or tune-up service for all tube and solid state audio equipment.

Tom works on professional and recording gear, too. Guitar amps, mixers, DJ gear, power amps and speakers are also serviced at Save On Sound.

Tom is a collector of cuckoo clocks and performs repair and restoration of all brands of cuckoo clocks.

Save On Sound

5003 Antoine Dr

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Houston, TX 77092


Hours M-F 10AM - 6 PM


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