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"It's not what you would expect at a flea market!"


If you have equipment that you would like to sell or trade in, please contact us before you bring it in. Send an email or text message including the brand, model number and brief description of the condition of the items. We will review the items and make an offer on items of interest. If the offer is acceptable, we will then schedule a time for you to bring the equipment in for testing and inspection. Equipment being brought in should be clean, in good cosmetic condition and working properly (unless otherwise noted).

WE DO NOT DO RECEIVING ON WEEKENDS ... being a one-man operation, it is just too difficult to shift my attention away from customers in the store to deal with incoming merchandise.

We schedule appointment for receiving on weeknights between 6:30 and 9:00PM. The market is locked up promptly at 10pm, so I have very limited time to check out the equipment. We pay by company check ... not cash. Sellers must provide proper identification when selling to us.

Just a note to sellers: Our offers are "wholesale offers". If you are expecting the prices people are "asking" on eBay, you are going to be disappointed. "Asking" prices are not necessary indicative of actual "selling" prices. There can be a huge difference between asking and selling prices. If you are wanting top-dollar prices for your items, you will need to market them to end-users and there are several online venues for doing that. We will be glad to advise you on doing that. Selling to us is a quick and easy way to divest yourself of excess audio gear ... perfect for inherited gear,clearing out estates, large quantities of items or just upgrading your gear. Marketing equipment to end-users can be time consuming, frustrating and even dangerous (craigslist).


We buy large collections of LP's (no 45's) at a time and not individual records. So if you have just a handful of records, we are probably not the place for you. If you have a significant quantity of records (hundreds or even thousands) that you want to sell and if they are mostly rock, classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, blues, reggae, punk, jazz ... those types of music and they are in good or better condition, give us a call, text or email and we will discuss things with you. It doesn't need to be those types of music exclusively, just as long as the majority of the collection covers those genres. Condition is a huge factor as well ... if they are beat up, scratched and dirty, we will pass on them. ABSOLUTELY NO FLOOD DAMAGED, MOLDY RECORDS.

Email: Gary Reiser at gary@soundsgoodtomehouston.com
Phone: 713.385.4933


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